Green Graden (With meat upon request)

Vegetable Supreme
Broccoli, mushrooms, bok choy, baby corn, red beli pepper, onions, carrot, snow peas tomatoes and bean sprouts sauteed with a garlic and light soy sauce.

Broccoli Mushroom
Broccoli and mushrooms sauteed with garlic and light soy sauce.

Sweet And Sour Vegetables
Broccoli, mushrooms, baby corn, snow peas, tomatoes, onions and carrot sitr-fried in our house sweet and sour sauce.
Drunken Vegetable*
Broccoli and mushrooms baby com onions, snow pess, tomatoes, bean sprouts and carrot sir-fried with fresh chill herbe spices and mint leaves.
Cashew Tofu*
fried tofu stir-fried with cashews, onions and dried chili pepper.
Spicy Mint Tofu*
Fried tofu, mushrooms sir-fried with mixture of fresh chili and fresh mint leaves.

Snow Pea Mushroom
Snow peas and mushroom stir-fried with garlic and light soy sauce.
Vegetable Curry*
Broccoli, carrot, potatoes, snow peas, baby corn, mushrooms and red bell peppers cooked in a mild coconut yellow curry sauce.

Vegetable Fried Rice
Broccoli, bean sprouts, onions mushrooms, baby corns, tomatoes and eggs.

Vegetable Noodles
Flat rice noodles sauteed with mixed vegelables in a light soy sauce.

Tofu Delight
Tofu stir-fried with asparagus, mushrooms, red bell pepper, snow peas and carrot in light gravy.

Vegetable Phad Thai
Thai noodles, mushrooms, baby corn, broccoli, onions, sliced carrot, baked tofu, snow peas, bean sprouts and green onions stir-fried in a mild sauce, served with a side of ground peanut.

Asparagus Delight
Fresh asparagus with mushrooms, red bell pepper and show peas stir-fried with garlic and light soy sauce.

Tofu Vegetable Soup
Tofu and mixed vegetables cooked in a light delicious broth.
Spicy Vegetable Soup*
Broccoli, mushrooms, bok choy, baby com, snow peas, tomatoes and carrot blended in a hot and sour soup with a touch of lemongrass and cilantro.
Eggplant Basil*
Mixed vegetables stir-fried with Thai spices, fresh mint and chili.